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The main activity of the company is the implementation of specialized chemically resistant protections (POLYUREA elastomer coatings, laminates, antistatic coatings) as well as the repair and protection of reinforced concrete and concrete structures located at industrial facilities (refineries, chemical plants, storage bases, sewage treatment plants, etc.). We also design and carry out expertise in the above mentioned area.


Concrete repair and protection
We have many years of experience in repairing and protecting concrete …
Polyurea Systems
Polyurea, also known as polyurea, is formed as a result of the reaction of two components – isocyanate and a resin blend …
Concrete protections
We protect and seal concrete and reinforced concrete …
Protection of steel structures
We also protect steel structures at industrial facilities …
Renovations and maintenance
We work on materials of high strength class. We perform gunning services using our own recipe …
Terrace insulation
We also offer terrace insulation in the polyurea coating system …

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Our many years of experience allow us to choose the best solutions.


We use the best technical and industrial systems in our work


We use reliable and professional technologies in our work

Realization Sealing of the reinforced concrete settler structure

We worked on sealing the reinforced concrete structure of the settler …

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